small 55ml glass bottle of truffle oil, next to a square pizza
small glass bottle of white truffle oil

White Truffle Oil - Urbani Truffles

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Urbani infuses high quality olives with premium White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) to impart an intense and unique fragrance and flavor. Urbani infused oils are known in the market to maintain its aroma over time. For an unforgettable final touch, add a few drops of White Truffle oil to salad, pasta, eggs, rice, fish or meat dishes.

White winter truffles are some of the most sought after and rarest food items in the world. These incredible funghi are found in the hills of Northern Italy by certified truffle hunters and their well-trained canine companions. Made from extra-virgin olive oil infused with aromatic Italian white truffles, this wonderful oil allows you to bring home the essence of these magnificent truffles any time of year, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

White truffle oil can be used in place of fresh truffle or together with it to strengthen its unmistakable fragrance. Perfect drizzled over pasta dishes, risottos, fish, meats, or potatoes. Or you can also use it in scrambled eggs or over popcorn!

Keep in a cool, dry, dark place or in the refrigerator. Don’t worry if the oil congeals in cold temperatures, it will return to its normal consistency after a few minutes at room temperature.

Ingredients: Olive oil, white truffles aroma (Tuber magnatum pico), White Truffle.

Size: 55 mL
Origin: Italy