SB Sail Salumi Platter (Feeds 10 - 14)

SB Sail Salumi Platter (Feeds 10 - 14)

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Our signature Salumi platter features 5 delicious artisan salumi: an Italian Dry salami rose in the center surrounded by Finocchiona Gigante, Felino, Calabrese and thinly sliced Speck. Served with cornichons, grainy mustard and panzanella crackers all arranged on a 16 inch wood platter. Also includes bamboo tongs and a wood knife for serving.

Salumi Descriptions*

Italian Dry: Classic Genoa-style salami made by Molinari in San Francisco. This is the type of salami everyone loves, young & old!

Finocchiona Gigante: Made by Columbus in Oakland, CA this larger format salami is made with fennel seed and has a wonderfully balanced flavor between the sweet pork flavor and the fennel - a house favorite!

Calabrese: This salami from Cremenelli in Salt Lake City is our top selling spicy salami. Similar in heat and flavor to pepperoni but richer and smoother.

Felino: Sliced a little thicker to highlight its great texture, this salami from Columbus is soaked in white wine during the curing process giving it a tasty salty sweet flavor that is hard to resist.

Speck: A traditional lightly smoked meat from the Alto Adige region of Northern Italy. The cut is from the top of the thigh giving it a long, flat shape that slices beautifully into long, thin, even strips. The texture is silky smooth, similar to prosciutto, while the flavor is smokey, sweet & rich. Yum.

*Please note: We are not able to make substitutions to the meats offered on our salumi platter.