SB Sail Pâté Platter (Feeds 10 - 12)

SB Sail Pâté Platter (Feeds 10 - 12)

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Truffle mousse, pâté de campagne, cornichons, dijon mustard, dried cherries & apricots, and housemade crostini. The ingredients in the truffle mouse, which is made with chicken, and the pâté de campagne, which is made with pork, are listed below.

Feeds 10 - 12 people for appetizers.

Truffle mousse ingredients: Chicken Liver, Chicken Fat, Water, Eggs, Sherry Wine, Mushrooms, Salt, Cane Sugar, Nonfat Dry Milk, Truffles, Porcini Mushroom Powder, Dry Onions, Pepper. Aspic: Water, Gelatin, Vinegar, Brandy, Salt, Carrageenan.

Pâté de Campagne ingredients: A coarse country-style pork paté made with fresh herbs, pistachios, and capped with rendered pig fat.