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matzo ball kit, blue box

Matzo Ball Soup Kit

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From the producer:

Behold the box of Matzo Project Matzo Crumbs! At first glance, it's just an unassuming box of breadcrumbs, but you'll soon find that there's hardly anything that can't be made better with a little sprinkling of this good stuff. Use it to whip up Fried Chicken, Stuffed Mushrooms, Meatballs, Mac and Cheese and of course, the best, most tenderest, praise-worthy matzo balls on either side of Mississippi. (Matzossippi?)

INGREDIENTS Matzo Crumbs: (Matzo crumbs (flour and water), sea salt, dried onion, dill seed, celery seed, dried garlic, monocalcium phosphate and baking soda, potato starch, tapioca dextrose).