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bottle of shio kojo, orange colored liquid in clear bottlem, with pink flowers
back side of shio koji, nutrition facts

Liquid Shio Koji - Lio Jozo

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From the Manufacturer:

"Hanamaruki's Liquid Shio Koji is a unique and convenient preparation of traditional shio koji. Hanamaruki makes shio koji, places it in a sake bag and then presses it to get only the enzyme-rich liquid which they have a patent for. You can use this to marinate meats, season broths or even add to meatballs or gyoza filling...basically, if you want to add umami to anything, use Liquid Shio Koji.  That's why we call it liquid gold.

To marinate a protein, add 8 to 10% of the weight of the protein in liquid shio koji. In other words, to marinate 100 grams of meat, add 8 to 10 grams of liquid shio koji."

Product of Japan.

Ingredients: Rice, Water, Salt, Ethyl Alcohol.

16.9 Oz.