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Etto Radiatori Pasta

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Radiatori is a little obvious in its reference to "radiators". This fun pasta shape is great for getting the all the sauce in it's nooks and crannies.

About Etto Pastificio: Located in Paso Robles, Etto Pastificio makes small batch artisinal pasta extruded through traditional Italian bronze dies. Pasta is slow dried at a low temperature to maintain flavor, texture and nutrients. Certified USDA Organic.

Not all pasta is created equal. Pasta is simple and unpretentious. Yet it is also complex, nutritious, and distinct. It is amazing how something so simple can be incredibly diverse, endlessly creative, and good for you. Craft pasta like the best ones made in Italy are rare and delicious in texture, aroma and flavor.  Etto brings the best of pasta to California using the best American ingredients and the best Italian craft pasta equipment, technique and style.  

Pasta is a daily food of Italy. However, its appearance across the country is far from monotonous. The great variety of pasta shapes accentuate Italy’s regional differences and draw attention to the distinctions that define local identities. Each dish can tell a story of a place, its history, its people, and a way of life. (Not to mention that Italy ranks as the healthiest nation in the world*.) Italians eat pasta by the etto (100 grams or about ¼ pound). An etto represents a sensible portion of pasta for one person, as either a primi or as part of a balanced meal.

Etto is family-owned, sources quality ingredients, and values our customers and community. Etto's pasta factory is located in Tin City, an industrial area comprised of small artisanal winemakers, breweries, a creamery, distillery and more. This creative hub is in Paso Robles, California.