SunSwept Octo Platter

SunSwept Octo Platter

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Excellent for 4 to 8 people.  This platter is made with your choice of 5 cheeses & 2 sliced salumi, our best selling Italian Dry and Rosette de Lyon, OR you can choose to enjoy it without the salami, in which case we will add a 6th cheese.  Also includes our signature sweet & spicy nuts, some dried apricots & dried cherries plus a box of Rustic Bakery crackers on the side. 

Served on a 14" balsa octagon wood tray and includes 2 wooden knives + bamboo tongs making it easy to unwrap & serve. 

IMPORTANT: In your cart page, please enter your 5 preferred cheeses in the NOTES section. Or if you don't have a preference, simply leave blank and we'll choose for you. Scroll down for a description of the cheese options!


Cheese Options:

Fromage d'Affinois ~ soft double creme cow's milk Brie from France. Smooth and rich in texture with a mild, buttery flavor.

Buche Rondin ~ a lovely, mild goat's milk cheese from France. The texture is dense and crumbly in the center, creamy around the edges with a slightly tart, grassy flavor.

Campo de Montalban ~ Similar to Manchego in style, but set apart by the combination of sheep, cow, and goat's milk. It has a semi-firm texture with a rich yet mild flavor.

Ewephoria ~ a unique sheep's milk Gouda from Holland, this crowd-pleaser has flavors of roasted nuts and butterscotch. The texture is firm with light crystallization throughout.

Barber's Reserve Cheddar ~ this 2 year aged cheddar from England has a firm yet still dense creamy texture along with a wonderfully sharp flavor and long lasting finish.

Pilota ~ a semi-firm mixed milk cheese made with both cow & sheep's milk in the traditional Basque style. Supple texture and buttery, slightly nutty flavor.


Rosette de Lyon Salami ~ a traditional French style salami made here in California by Columbus Craft Meats. Features fresh garlic, sea salt and black peppercorn in an all natural beef casing, cured 30 days and then hand tied.

Italian Dry Salami ~ a classic simple Italian style salami made here in California by Molinari Salame. A fine ground Milanese style salame that is a true crowd pleaser.