2022 Raisins Gaulois - M&C Lapierre

2022 Raisins Gaulois - M&C Lapierre

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About the Maker: Indulge in the 2022 Raisins Gaulois by M&C Lapierre. This organic wine is hand-harvested and made with a philosophy of "nothing added, nothing taken away". Immerse yourself in its irresistible and complex flavors, created by the Lapierre family's winemaking tradition.

Raisins Gaulois, translated as “Gallic grapes,” is a Vin de France produced from our young vines. Our desire was to produce a wine that was accessible both in terms of taste and price, with a lively, fruity and easy-drinking character.

Made with Gamay grapes from the Morgon cru, this wine boasts juicy and cheerful flavors. With a low alcohol content, it's perfect for carefree quaffing and pairs beautifully with charcuterie, cheeses, and more. Chill and enjoy the refreshing delight it brings.

Beaujolais, France
100% Gamay