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a bottle of 2021 Arnaud Lambert - Les Terres Rouge with flowers
a close up shot of a bottle of 2021 Arnaud Lambert - Les Terres Rouge provided by the importers

2021 Arnaud Lambert - Les Terres Rouge

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 Winemaker Notes: 

"The vineyards that make up this charming and utterly delicious wine come from Saumur-Champigny’s most southern hill, Saint-Cyr-en-Bourg. The fragrant dark earth notes of Cabernet Franc give the impression of black soils unearthed from a thick overlay of wet forest moss, grass and bramble. Despite this dark soil impression and its name (which translates to “the red soils”), the soil is light brown clay with alluvial sands resting on a bed of stark white limestone. The cool harvest conditions, clay and limestone soils, and a life spent in stainless steel tanks renders this wine medium bodied with a clean and refreshing finish. Indeed, the sand plays its part as well bringing the fruits and flowers in the bouquet to the ethereal realm."

Saumur-Champigny, France.
100 % Cabernet Franc