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Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Marques de Valduezo

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Marqués de Valdueza extra virgin olive oil is produced from olives grown on the 200 hectare Álvarez de Toledo family estate, 'Perales de Miraflores', near the town of Merida in Extremadura, Spain. Bottled to order, Marqués de Valdueza olive oil is processed in the mill located directly on the estate, ensuring the freshest possible product. This standout oil features the rare Morsica Olive - a fruity native to, and only grown in, Extramadura, Spain.  It is a blend of Morisca, Aberquina, Picual, and Hojiblanca olives. 

This exquisite olive oil is fresh, fruity, and buttery with soft notes of green tea and ripe olives, with a hint of almond and pepper in the finish. The nose has an unforgettable, sunny fragrance. A medium to robust-intensity oil. 

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil.
16.9 Oz.