wheel of soft melty cheese

Rush Creek Reserve

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A classic winter seasonal cheese from Uplands Creamery in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. The washed rind imparts a meaty, savory quality, whilst the spruce bark encircling the wheel lends a unique smokey, earthyness that begs to be experienced. Rush Creek is made with raw milk, which adds a note of sweet hay and grass to the cheese's already complex character. Rush Creek is modeled after the French cheese Vacherin Mont d'Or, hence the similar description.

How to enjoy: Let the cheese come to room temperature, use a knife to cut around the perimeter of the cheese, lift off the rind and scoop out the soft interior with a spoon. Pairs nicely with cured meats, dried cherries, off dry white wines and a hot, crusty loaf of bread!

Country: USA
Milk: Raw cow's milk
Rennet: Animal