Petit Alsatian Munster

Petit Alsatian Munster

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This is a real French Munster, made in Alsace - nothing like that bland stuff you find pre-sliced at delis. French Munster is a soft, full bodied, washed rind cheese that’s quite strong in flavor when ripe, yet fruity and makes you crave a glass of nice red wine.

The unique character of this cheese is attributed to the un-spoilt pastures of the Alsace and the Vosgiennes cows, renowned for producing high-protein milk. The washed rind is a vibrant salmon-orange color, possessing a pungent, meaty aroma. This cheese also has tendencies to become sweet and yeasty with a spicy aromatic finish as it matures.


For a sweet and savory pairing, we like it with dried cherries and a yeasty farmhouse ale. True aficionados enjoy this Alsaitian Munster with a sprinkling of cumin seeds over baked potatoes! 

Size: 125 g

Country: France
Milk: Cow's milk
Rennet: Animal