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Named after the river Aare which meanders through Switzerland, this semi firm washed rind can be likened to Raclette. The paste is supple and has floral notes with a buttery finish. Great melted or as is.

On a dairy farm in Eyweid, CH, milk from two valleys is married to make this cheese, brought by farmers from Emmental as well as Aaretal. For a long time, there were heated arguments between the cheese makers in Eyweid over whether they belonged to Emmental or Aaretal. Master cheese maker Urs created a peace of cheese called aare water. The river Aare passes through most of Switzerland and is joined by many smaller streams along the way. Hence, the Aare region includes multiple smaller regions. Acknowledging this region as their common home, the cheese makers were finally united, and a new cheese was born.

Country: Switzerland
Milk: Raw cow's milk
Rennet: Animal