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Three cheesemakers made the same cheese, or did they?  What happens when we all follow one recipe, each use our own native cultures, use the same forms, and encourage wild rinds?  In response to the ACS Judging Committee’s call for American Original cheeses, Parish Hill hatched a plan to develop an approach to cheesemaking that demonstrates the elemental nature of the raw milk.  By limiting the input variables, they allow the raw milk to determine the nuances of texture and flavor unique to each of Parish Hill's Cornerstones.  

A delightful cheese that is an effort to create more American originals. Created by John Greeley of Parish Hill, he created the recipe for the cheese and gave it away to several other cheese makers. The goal is to see how different the same cheese is when made by different makers

Country: Spain
Milk: Raw sheep's milk
Rennet: Animal