First & foremost, we aim to cheese!  We have a love of cheese (and cheese puns!) and a love of people.  We strive to be the neighborhood shop where you not only stop in to get a few cheeses, sliced prosciutto, a bottle of chilled wine & a fresh baguette for your weekend dinner, but we're also the place where you always end up running into someone you know.  

The place where you know the staff by name and they know yours.  The place where walk in for two things but then leave with five because that new cheese from Italy was just far too delicious not to buy for this Sunday.  And as much as you wanted to refuse the sample, you couldn't bear too after you heard the description from the friendly cheesemonger behind the counter who was beaming with excitement about it.  And then there was that rare roast beef that she gave you a taste of from the slicer...so thin and juicy...why not bring some home for sandwiches this week?  The place where you can find a unique or fun gift for your brother or neighbor because you immediately thought of them when you saw it. 
That's us - the neighborhood shop of years gone by.  Stop by for a visit and a taste, and become part of our community. We'd love to have you!  And the more cheese puns, the better!


This all started with a love of cheese and then developed into a love of community.  We are Michael and Kathryn Graham and we have been in the cheese business now for almost 17 years.  It has been an interesting journey, to say the least, as many a Santa Barbara local will tell you!  We thought we had it all perfectly planned out when we opened our first shop, called C'est Cheese, back in 2003, but boy were we mistaken!  However, despite all the trials and tribulations, we are grateful for all our experiences and lessons learned because they have brought us to where we are today.  And we are happy to say that where we are is a wonderfully supported local cheese shop that offers delicious gourmet foods, some made in house and some imported from around the world, along with salumi, wine, catered platters, gift boxes, housewares and more.  So we hope you enjoy perusing our website but our bigger wish is to welcome you in person at our shop next time you are visiting our beautiful little town of Santa Barbara.  
Of course, we won't be able to offer the full experience until the pandemic fully resides, but until then we are offering curbside pick up with 2 hours notice.  Our website reflects everything we currently have in stock, but always feel free to give us a ring during business hours as well.  We & our team always love to talk cheese!