Gnocchi - Mamma Emma

Gnocchi - Mamma Emma

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The Mamma Emma Gnocchi are perfectly sautéed and ready in 3 minutes. A healthy product made with simple ingredients of first quality, without additives or preservatives.

Ingredients: 72% steamed potatoes, type “0” wheat flour, eggs, salt, sunflower oil.

From the Maker: 

"Mamma Emma's patented production process and inventive equipment preserve artisanal gnocchi recipes and methods from steam-cooking and peeling the potatoes, sieving, mixing potato with fresh eggs, type "0" wheat flour, and salt. It's their dedication to quality and faithful tradition that's allowed Mamma Emma to deliver award-winning gnocchi for people to enjoy all over the globe.

They have the same taste as the homemade potato gnocchi made by our mothers, those passed one by one on the grater. Mamma emma gnocchi preserve the unmistakable softness of homemade gnocchi, capable of exalting any recipe."

400 Grams.